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  • PHP 5.4+ (required)
  • DOM extension (required, enabled by default)
  • GD extension
  • MBString extension. MBString is required for Unicode support.
  • read/write access to the directories specified by \Dompdf\Options::$tempDir, \Dompdf\Options::$fontDir, and \Dompdf\Options::$fontCache by the process running dompdf (typically your web server)

Optional Configuration

  • allow_url_fopen set to true if you need to access "remote" files (that would be file references using a URL with protocol and domain, e.g.; this is sometimes disabled by hosting providers.

External libraries used by dompdf

  • PDF Rendering
    • CPDF (included with dompdf)
    • PDFLib
  • Font handling if using fonts other than the core PDF fonts (courier, helvetica, times)
  • Document parsing
    • html5lib (included with dompdf)
  • SVG rendering

Note: These libraries are included in the release download.

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