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An image carousel with fade in/out transitions using jQuery, ideal for sponsor logos
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Fade In/Out Carousel with jQuery

A simple implementation for an image carousel, showing a series of images in turn with fadeout/in transitions. Images are inside a link which updates with each image change. This is ideal to show sponsor logos.


  • In your HTML, insert an empty image inside an <a href> with unique ID
<a id="<your_unique_ID>" href="#" target="_blank">
    <img src="/" />
  • In your Javascript, includes the definition of function Carousel and include a call to make a new Carousel object in your $(document).ready() function
$(document).ready(function() {
    var carousel = new Carousel(<parameters>)

The parameters to be passed, in order, are:

  • linkID, the ID given to the <a href> (note, don't include a #)
  • imgArr, array of image sources (as strings)
  • altArr, array of 'alt' tags for the images (as strings)
  • urlArr, array of URLs for links (as strings)
  • fadeTime, time (in milliseconds) for the fadeOut/fadeIn
  • pauseTime, time (in milliseconds) to show each image
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