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Missile Command

A clone of the classic game Missile Command in an HTML Canvas for The Odin Project's Project: Using Canvas to Build Games in the Browser.

Game Play

You have 3 anti-missile batteries each with 10 missiles to be used to protect 6 cities. Fire your missiles at incoming enemy missiles by clicking on the screen (anywhere your cursor is a crosshair). Missiles from your middle anti-missile battery travel faster than missiles from your outer anti-missile batteries. Protect your cities (and anti-missile batteries) by destroying the incoming enemy missiles.

With each increasing level, more enemy missiles are fired at your cities and missiles, and the enemy missiles travel faster. Depleted missiles will be replenished at the start of each level, but destroyed cities will not be.


Earn points for every enemy missile destroyed, and get bonus points at the end of each level for your unused missiles and each city you protected. Points are multiplied by a factor shown before each level.

End Game

The game ends when all your cities are destroyed.

Play Missile Command here.