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Brigade Crypto Pipeline

Making a Brigade pipeline that streams cryptocurrency prices into BigQuery

NOTE: Instructions for setting up a K8s cluster on GKE with Brigade in 'infrastructure'

  1. Create Brigade project with Helm:
helm install brigade/brigade-project -f values.yaml,secrets.yaml --namespace brigade
  1. Build BQ dataset/table for data:
bq mk --dataset crypto
bq mk --table crypto.quotes schema.json
  1. Build Docker image used for pipeline step(s):
export PROJECT_ID=$(gcloud config get-value project -q)
docker build -t brigade-crypto:latest .
docker tag brigade-crypto${PROJECT_ID}/brigade-crypto:latest
docker push${PROJECT_ID}/brigade-crypto:latest

NOTE: I used a Google Cloud Container Builder image (see here) as my base image. This contains gcloud, kubectl, gsutil, and bq utilities.

NOTE: gcloud docker is no longer supported. Need to configure gcloud as a Docker credential helper to authenticate requests to Google Container Register. See here

  1. Test the pipeline:
brig run donald/crypto -f brigade.js -n brigade
  1. Set up CronJob:
cd cronjob && helm install . -f values.yaml --namespace brigade

To confirm that the cronjobs are firing:

kubectl get cronjobs -n brigade
kubectl get jobs -n brigade
kubectl get jobs -n brigade | grep "brigade-cron" | awk '{ if ($3 == 0) print $1, $4 }'
kubectl describe job $(kubectl get jobs -n brigade | grep "brigade-cron" | tail -1 | awk '{ print $1 }') --namespace brigade

To check status of Brig builds:

export BRIG_PROJECT_ID=$(brig project list -n brigade | grep "donald/crypto" | head -1 | awk '{ print $2 }')
export BRIG_BUILD_ID=$(brig build list -n brigade | grep "$BRIG_PROJECT_ID" | tail -1 | awk '{ print $1 }')
brig build list -n brigade | grep "$BRIG_PROJECT_ID" | awk '{ if ($5 != "Succeeded") print $1 }'
brig build logs $BRIG_BUILD_ID -n brigade
kubectl logs j1-$BRIG_BUILD_ID -n brigade


Other notes:

  • Used jq commandline tool to convert JSON into newline-delimited JSON for BigQuery import
  • Must create secrets.yaml file containing 'projectId', 'coinAPIKey', and 'mailgunAPIKey' secrets
  • Helm chart for cron adapted from; added programmatic specification of payload and support for custom namespaces


Making a Brigade-based pipeline that streams cryptocurrency prices into BigQuery



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