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#GUI Client for the Proxy Server.
import wx #GUI Framework
from threading import Thread #For spawning multiple threads(one for the GUI, one for the proxy)
from UI_Panel import BlacklistPanel, CachePanel, LogPanel, MainPanel #Each of these is a tab.
import proxyServer #The proxy Server itself
#This class is a GUI for the Proxy Server. It is a WX Notebook
class ProxyServerGUI(wx.Frame):
#Creates a GUI, window size 550x400 and with a position of 120, 90
def __init__(self):
wx.Frame.__init__(self, None, wx.ID_ANY,
"Simple Proxy Server",
pos=(120, 90)
#Constructor creates a frame to hold the Notebook, with "Simple Proxy Server" as the window title
self.server = proxyServer.proxyServer(self) #Creates an instance of the Proxy Server
#Create the Notebook, and put it on a blank panel
panel = wx.Panel(self)
self.notebook = self.createNotebook(panel)
#Shape the main window
sizer = wx.BoxSizer(wx.VERTICAL)
sizer.Add(self.notebook, 1, wx.ALL|wx.EXPAND, 5)
# Add the MenuBar to the Frame content.
#Display it all
def createNotebook(self, panel):
#Creates a "Notebook", or a tabbed layout view
notebook = wx.Notebook(panel)
#Creates four panels, one for each tab, and returns an instance of the notebook
#Create the main tab
self.maintab = MainPanel(notebook, self)
notebook.AddPage(self.maintab, "Main")
#Create the blacklist tab
self.blacklisttab = BlacklistPanel(notebook, self)
notebook.AddPage(self.blacklisttab, "Blacklist")
#Create the caching tab
self.cachetab = CachePanel(notebook, self)
notebook.AddPage(self.cachetab, "Cache")
#Create the logging tab
self.logtab = LogPanel(notebook, self)
notebook.AddPage(self.logtab, "Log")
#Return the created notebook
return notebook
def createMenu(self):
#Creates the menu bar, gives the window option and help sort of...
menuBar = wx.MenuBar()
if __name__ == '__main__':
#Run the program if script is ran from terminal
app = wx.App(False)
frame = ProxyServerGUI()