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Basic Network Management System on Web with Rails, Angularjs and Bootstrap
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Rakefile the beginning with rails 4 and angular Sep 25, 2013

NMS on Rails

A basic Network Management System built with Ruby on Rails, Angularjs (and Bootstrap style) in early stage.

Provides basic integration to:

and gives simple web interface to manage informations about your network ips and to connect to clients using ssh/rdp/http.

Getting started

Clone the repository, "bundle install" everything and configure the database (config/database.yml, for example copy from doc/database.yml) as for a common rails project.

Then you can load the database schema

bundle exec rake db:schema:load

copy the example configuration file doc/nms-on-rails.rb.proto to config/initializers/nms-on-rails.rb, edit it and then fire rails.

When you connect for the first time you are asked for a network (name, description) and then for a range of ips for the new network.

Configuring browser for remote connections

In order to connect to clients with ssh or rdesktop you have to associate .ssh and .rdp downloads to scripts like doc/connect_rdp.rb doc/connect_ssh.rb.


Double click on the name/description opens a window for editing.

Click on the name opens a submenu for actions.

Click on the 'proto' switches connection protocol between ssh/rdp/http.


 bundle exec rake -T NmsOnRails

shows all the possible tasks.

The database can be populated with data from arpwatch and puppet. Usually with cron jobs.


bundle exec rake NmsOnRails:arpwatch

reads arpwatch data (directly from arpwatch files as listed in config/initializers/nms-on-rails.rb) and updates the database. Accordingly the web interface shows how many days ago the ip was used and the last mac address.


bundle exec rake NmsOnRails:facts:load

reads puppet data (facts in puppet language) and updates the database. Provides information about the hardware and operating system of the computers managed with puppet.


bundle exec rake NmsOnRails:dns:update

reads domain records with axfr query (the dns server has to answer dig axfr, for example in bind your rails server should be in allow-recursion hosts).


bundle exec rake NmsOnRails:snmp:snmpwalk

updates mac-address with port on the switch (uses snmpwalk -On -v 2c -c #{community} #{clean_ip} .

(On debian apt-get install libsnmp-base libsnmp-mib-compiler-perl snmp-mibs-downloader to have correct mibs)


bundle exec rake NmsOnRails:nmap:system

uses /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/nmap -F --max-os-tries 1 -n -O to read operating system from the pcs. The user should have sudo privileges.

Database structure


  • ip: address (unique, for rails simplicity the key is id)
  • last_arp_id: is the association to the last arp address seen with the ip (usually discovered by arpwatch)
  • last_info_id: is the association to the last info (name, dns...). Some fields in infos table are set by user.
  • conn_proto: can be ssh/rdp/http (used to connect to the pc with a click)
  • notify: boolean you set when you whant to be notified when the pc in reachable.
  • network_id

Ips has one_to_many relation with the arps, infos, systems and facts tables.

id ip last_arp_id last_info_id notify network_id last_system_id
1 4238 1 0 1 40
2 2633 2 0 1 41
3 4253 3 0 1 83


The arps table collects data from arpwatch (date and ip/mac-address association). In this table you find the last time a ip/mac-address couple has been seen in network.

id ip_id mac date
1405 1 00:09:3d:14:c5:2f 2012-01-24 14:29:03
1407 1 00:13:21:6b:a9:05 2012-03-29 13:32:20
1406 1 00:13:21:6b:ad:99 2009-10-07 08:44:57

means that at 2012-01-24 the pc with mac address 00:09:3d:14:c5:2f had the ip addrees


Are the information you give to the ip. You can update or reset when the ip is associated to other informations.

  • date
  • name: supplied by user
  • dnsname: read from a dns server
  • comment: supplied by user
  • user_id: TODO
  • dhcp: boolean (FIXME)
id ip_id date name dnsname comment dhcp
1 1 2014-04-10 07:26:29 mypc Server mail / dns / ldap NULL
2 2 2014-04-10 07:26:29 mypc2 Server WEB NULL


Facts come from pc controlled by puppet ( and are gathered by facter (https://




Information for switch/port and mac address association.

id switch_id port mac last start
706 1 15 0:0:74:90:a9:a6 2014-04-11 15:17:06 2013-12-18 08:36:47
707 1 10 0:c:76:e:f9:28 2014-04-10 15:17:07 2013-12-18 08:36:47

keeps the first and the last time the mac address 0:0:74:90:a9:a6 was on seen on port 15 of the first switch.


NMS on Rails is released under the MIT License.

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