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Don't leave your karms for the afterlife.

Live Project

Problem Statement

Donating things is a good thing but keeping the procrastination of our generation in mind most of the things make their way to the dustbin which rather can be used by needy people so to facilitate donating things which in return good karma or token is a win-win situation for all. So we provide a platform for goodwill hunting and want you to use your good karma in this life only.

Team DonatETH aims to provide a platform for people to donate things which are not in their use anymore to the needy so that they can benefit from it Donators are then in return rewarded with karma, a token for good deed which can be used to purchase things from NGO stores Users can simply book an appointment and then a picker will be assigned to them which will pick up all the donations and assign a karma value to it which is then later credited to the account of the donator's account

Example - You don't need some clothes and thinking of throwing it but you can just book an appointment for donation and get your stuff picked which you don't need anymore, a picker will then reach out to you and pick up your things which you don't need anymore, after this those things will be taken to a local NGO store and will be evaluated for it's value, depending on it a 'karma' token i.e. a token for good deed will be issued in your account using which you can make purchases from several NGO stores. All this was from the user perspective. From organization from the perspective, the shops operating under NGO will get more exposure as the user donating will get karma which the user uses to buy things from NGOs and hence there will be a good outreach of the stores listed under NGOs about which fewer people know about.

Other use cases - Recyclable waste collection, carpooling i.e user will be given karma if they book an appointment to recycle their recyclable waste or to share a cab with someone whenever they commute. We planned to incentivize every good thing people can do


npm i
truffle develop
compile // in truffle console
migrate // in truffle console
cd app && npm i
npm start

Visit local setup - localhost:3000


  • Matic network for fast transactions
  • Kyber network for swapping karma to other crypto

Future work

  • Extend the platform for all the good work
  • Privacy can be improved by integrating aztec
  • The who thing can be made super fast using matic network
  • We plan to give options to users to lend some karma keeping dai as colletral using Lendroid relayers.
  • Intrgrate IPFS for media storage
  • Refactor application workflow
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