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Finds Alike Colors in CSS, SCSS, LESS etc.
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Alike Color Finder

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Finds similar (e.g. alike) colors in CSS and CSS-like data, within a set likeness threshold. It compares #hex, rgb(), rgba(), hsl(), and hsla() colors.

Includes the CIEDE2000+Alpha (default), CIE94+Alpha, as well as "actual" mathematical absolute color diff strategies, switchable with a flag.

A web based interface to this exists here.


Very similar but not identical colors seem to pop up really often in CSS files of any reasonable age, and I became sick of them. This started as a little script to help me find them in a stylesheet, and grew into this full-fledged tool.

This is fully usable within CI solutions to pass/fail a project.


  • PHP 5.4.0+ with CLI and SPL


Using composer, alike can be installed globally via:

$ composer global require 'donatj/alike-color-finder=~0.1'

Or if you are using composer for the project you wish to test, you can simply add it as a vendor binary:

  "require-dev": {
      "donatj/alike-color-finder": "~0.1"


Pass CSS-like files to scan as arguments.

$ alike main.css shared.scss

Or pipe CSS into stdin.

$ alike < main.css
$ css-generating-process | alike

Continuous Integration

By default on finding any alike colors it will exit with an exit code of 2. This is enough to flag as a failure with most CI tools. This value is also configurable with the --exit-code option or can be set to 0 to be disabled.

Example Output


$ alike --help
usage: alike [<files>]
      --strategy   [string] Color diff strategy.
                ciede2000 [default - aka. perceptual]
     --tolerance   [float] Computed Difference Tolerance - default 5
     --exit-code   [uint] Exit code to raise on alike. 0 for no exit code
          --help   Displays this message

Single CSS File:

$ alike main.css
                    (4) #e3e3e3                    (4) #e4e4e4   Δ: 0.352
                        #e3e3e3                        #e4e4e4

                    (4) #e3e3e3                    (4) #e5e5e5   Δ: 0.705
                        #e3e3e3                        #e5e5e5

                    (4) #e4e4e4                    (4) #e5e5e5   Δ: 0.352
                        #e4e4e4                        #e5e5e5

                    (2) #454545                  * (3) #444444   Δ: 0.437
                        #454545                        #444444

Total alike colors: 4 - Average Δ: 2.167 - Total colors: 17 - Distinct colors: 5


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