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JPEG-MPO Decoder / Converter Library and CLI Tool
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MPO Decoder Library

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Simple Go JPEG MPO (Multi Picture Object) Decoder - Library and CLI Tool

The library and CLI tool contain the ability to convert MPO to Stereoscopic JPEG as well as various color combinations of Analglyph.

A Web UI for this library exists here:

Install CLI Tool

Binaries are availible for Darwin (macOS), Linux and Windows on the release page:

From Source

go get -u

CLI Usage

usage: mpo2img <mpofile>
  -format string
    	Output format [stereo|red-cyan|cyan-red|red-green|green-red] (default "stereo")
    	Displays this text
  -outfile string
    	Output filename (default "output.jpg")



  • Optimization
  • Add Writer
  • Add more control over stereo/anaglyph
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