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SQL Dump Parser - Query MySQL Dumps Directly without loading them into MySQL
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sqlread is a mysql dump parser that allows you to query MySQL dumps directly without loading them into MySQL, and export specific tables from said dumps.

Currently very picky and only likes mysqldump generated output dumps. Milage may vary on dumps created with other tools like Navicat. Compatability is a work in progress.


While the code is quite usable and useful, I still have a ways to go.

  • Query fields without backticks - currently all fields must be wrapped in backticks.
  • General Expression Support
    • Basic WHERE support
    • Basic ORDER BY support
  • Optimization of heavily \'d string parsing


From Source

go get -u -v

Precompiled Binaries

Availible on the Releases page currently for Linux and macOS.

Example usage

$ sqlread buildings.sql
2017/12/22 12:23:52 starting initial pass
2017/12/22 12:23:52 loaded from cache
2017/12/22 12:23:52 finished initial pass
2017/12/22 12:24:01 restarting lexer

> SHOW COLUMNS FROM `buildings`;
2017/12/22 12:24:08 restarting lexer

> SELECT `building_id`, `title` FROM `buildings`;
2,Home Building
190,Test Building (demo)
192,Donat Building
194,Other Building
201,Sample Building (demo)
205,Johnson Building
2017/12/22 12:24:44 restarting lexer

> SELECT `building_id`, `title` FROM `buildings` INTO OUTFILE "dump.csv";
2017/12/22 12:27:43 written to `dump.csv`
2017/12/22 12:27:43 restarting lexer
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