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Wukong v1.4.7 2010-03-05

Lots more examples:

  • examples/stats/avg_value_frequency.rb does an Average Value Frequency histogram
  • examples/server_logs has a quite useful apache log file parser
  • Made the base streamer use each_record, opening the door for alternative record injection (eg Datamapper!)
  • wukong/streamer/counting_reducer.rb is an um reducer and it counts things.

Wukong v1.4.6 2010-01-26

  • A HELLA AWESOME working example from retail web analytics by @lenbust

Wukong v1.4.5 2010-01-18

  • In --run=local mode, you can use ‘-’ alone as a filename to indicate STDIN / STDOUT as input/output respectively.
  • Minor tweaks to contrib/jeans

Wukong v1.4.4 2010-01-15