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NOTE: This tutorial is under development. We will have it done shortly.

There's a lot more to making JavaScript apps than writing JavaScript. [stealjs StealJS] is a collection of command and browser based JavaScript utilities that make building, packaging, sharing, and consuming JavaScript applications easy.

This tutorial will cover building a basic tabs widget with only StealJS.

Installing Steal

[ Download StealJS] or [installing install JavaScriptMVC] and unzip it in a public folder.

Note: StealJS requires Java 1.6 or greater.

Creating An App.

Steal organizes your application's content in an application folder. Generate an application.

Setting up your page

In a page, add the script tag.

Loading Scripts

Load other scripts

Load other types (Less and Coffee)

Installing Other Scripts

This should be about steal.get. It should have someone install the steal'ed version of jQueryUI.

Cleaning Scripts

Our scripts are ugly, we can clean them ... or JS lint them ...

Make your site crawl-able

Covered in [ajaxy Searchable Ajax Apps]

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