Deploying to iOS for testing

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place-my-order is an application that demonstrates all of the features of DoneJS, including deploying to mobile platforms like iOS. We haven't published place-my-order to the App Store (yet) so to test it out on your device follow these steps.

In order to test on iOS you need to enroll in the Apple Development Program and create a provisioning profile in the iOS Provisioning Portal.

Once you've become a member you can deploy your DoneJS application to iOS by following these steps:

  1. Download the latest release from our release page. Download the link labeled Source code. If you have been building the application yourself following the guide you can use that as well.

  2. Install all dependencies needed for the project and run a build to create the iOS app.

    npm install
    donejs build cordova
  3. Use a USB cable to plugin your iOS device into your Mac.

  4. In XCode open the Cordova project. It will be located at: YOURAPP/build/cordova/platforms/ios/YOURPROJECT.xcodeproj

  5. Select Product -> Scheme -> YOURPROJECT

  6. Select Product -> Destination --> YOUR DEVICE

  7. Select Product -> Run. This will build and start the application on your device.

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