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This repo is a tensorflow-version ERF-PSPNET implementation running on NVIDIA Jetson TX2, based on the papers below:

We use ZED Mini Stereo Camera to capture the road scene.


  • Jetpack 3.1 (CUDA 8.0/cuDNN 6.0)
  • Python 3.5
  • ZED SDK 2.3

Requirements for Python

  • TensorFlow 1.4 (need to be compiled on TX2)
  • cv2
  • pyzed
  • opencv-python



FYI, because the SpaceToBatchND op of TensorFlow has incorrect output on CUDA 9 (see, the code could only run with CUDA 8.0 (such that the only choice is Jetpack 3.1). Accordingly, the highest version that could be compiled smoothly on TX2 is tf 1.4.

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