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This repository contains two knowledge graph datasets: NATION and UMLS.

  • NATION contains relations between countries and consists of 14 entities(countries) and 56 relations.
  • UMLS is a biomedical ontology dataset and consists of 135 entities and 49 relations.

Both dataset consist of three tab-seperated files:

  • entities.txt: List of entities, formatted as entity_id \tab entity_name

  • relations.txt: List of relations, formatted as relation_id \tab relation_name

  • triples.txt: List of known facts, formatted as relation_id \tab entity_id1 \tab entity_id2

    • means entity_id1 has relation_id relation with entity_id2

Both entity-id and relation-id start from 0.

Additionally, UMLS dataset contains one more file: entity_category.txt, which contains a group name of each entity in UMLS data, and formatted as entity_id \tab entity_category.