hallelujahIM(哈利路亚 英文输入法) is an intelligent english input method with auto-suggestions and spell check features, Mac only.
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hallelujahIM is an english input method with auto-suggestions and spell check features, Mac only(supports 10.9+ OSX).

  1. The auto-suggestion words come from google's 1/3 million most frequent English words. I have purged it to 227800 words (all wrong words removed). Candidates words are sorted by frequency.
  2. hallelujahIM is also a Spell-Checker: when you input wrong word, it will give you the right candidates.
  3. hallelujahIM is also a Text-Expander: it will load the file ~/.you_expand_me.json in your Home directory. You can define your favorite substitutions, such as {"te":"text expander", "yem":"you expand me"}.
  4. hallelujahIM will get Google Suggestions if the inputed word starts with gs, such as gstest.
  5. You can swith to the default English input mode(the normal||quiet||silent mode) by press the shift key. Press shift again, it switch to the auto-suggestion mode

download and install

  1. download releases
  2. unzip the app, copy it to /Library/Input\ Methods/ or ~/Library/Input\ Methods/
  3. go to System Preferences --> Input Sources --> click the + --> select English --> select hallelujah
  4. switch to hallelujah input method


auto suggestion from local dictionary:
auto-suggestion auto-suggestion auto-suggestion

auto suggestions from Google Suggestion(for any word startsWith gs):
Google Suggestion

Text Expander:
Text Expander Text Expander

translation(inspired by MacUIM):

spell check:
spell-check spell-check spell-check spell-check spell-check

Paid Support

If functional you need is missing but you're ready to pay for it, feel free to contact me. If not, create an issue anyway, I'll take a look as soon as I can.