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Labrador Jekyll Theme v1.0

This theme was built to present a little bit about of some professional profile.




This theme has created with:

Directory structure

+-- .gitignore
+-- .htaccess
+-- _config.yml
+-- _data
    +-- lang
    ¦   +-- [language_code].json 
    +-- social.json
+-- _includes
    +-- general
    ¦   +-- blog
    +-- sections
+-- _layouts
+-- _posts
+-- assets
    +-- css
    |   +-- blog
    |   +-- sass
    +-- fonts
    +-- img
    +-- js
+-- media

Settings on config.yml

title: # the title for your site email: # your e-mail address description: # this means to ignore newlines until "baseurl:" baseurl: # the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog url: # the base hostname & protocol for your site logo: # Your logo uri


To use multiples languages you just need create file for yout desired language with .md or .markdown extension on project root. This files need this header:

layout: default
permalink: /[CODE_OF_YOUR_LANGUAGE]/

For default this theme has [en] for english and [pt] for portuguese.

_data folder

On _data/lang/* is located the languages data files, with json synthax.

Each json data group indicate in each file constains the relevant data to section information. See sections.

To create your own translation, just duplicate a json file, rename it and translate the terms.

Social links

You can link your social profiles on yout site, to do this, just open _data/social.json file, and add or remove your data for your social networks.


On _includes folder are located the componentes used on this theme.

There is two folders:

  • general where are located the general componentes, like header, footer, menu, language change, social links and blog elements.
  • sections where are located the blocks of each section of front page (single-paged).

Blog posts

The blog posts are located in _posts folder, each file, need this header:

layout: post
date:   [POST_DATE]
tags: [TAG1],[TAG2]
permalink: /blog/:year/:month/:day/:title/ --> [THIS_PERMALINK_PATTERN_CAN_BE_CHANGE_AS_YOU_DESIRE]

The image: variable is used with a placeholder in the middle of content as you desire.

Media files for posts

This folder contains the resources for posts, like images, documents, etc.


Be careful, in the theme root is located .htaccess file, this file contains a code that will either redirect access to 'pt' directory. In my case this is the address of the home page.


Open sourced under the MIT