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Donu - The native currency for the Donito blockchain-powered donation and crowdfunding platform
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Donito, Inc.

The Donu Core Wallet

The Donu Core wallet gives people the ability to send, receive and stake DONU as well as run masternodes on the Donu blockchain. It also allows users of The Donito Platform to enjoy benefits such as reduced platform fees, and other applicable discounts and future rewards. Additional wallets such as light wallets, mobile and other implementations will be made available as well with the end goal being to completely decentralize the Donu platform.

About Donito and Donu

Donito (pronounced: dough-knee-toe) is dervied from an Esperanto word meaning "to give", which is the central theme for the project. The ultimate goal of Donito is to facilitate an easy way for creators/charities/workers to accept a large selection of cryptocurrencies from patrons. Donito also has a buy-back program, in which all fees generated by the platform are used to buy DONU from the open market, which are optionally burned in an effort to prevent over-supply.

You can learn more about Donito by visiting The Donito Platform Website or The Donu Crypto Website.

Blockchain/DONU specifications

Block Time 1 Minute
Block Finder Reward 0.4 DONU
Masternode Winner Reward 0.4 DONU
Platform Emissions 0.2 DONU
Network Port 26380
Default RPC Port 36380
Masternode collateral 5000 DONU
Minimum input size for staking 500 DONU
Minimum stake input age 30 days
Maximum stake input age 60 days

The first 86400 blocks or approximately 60 days worth of blocks will be mined by the team to mature inputs sent out during the swap and others transacted during PoW for the PoS phase. PoW is enabled only in the event PoS needs to be stopped for emergency maintenance, PoS has any issues or in the case of a vulnerability and thus the PoW block reward goes to a platform address.

This serves dampen monetary incentive for anyone looking to ramp up the difficulty as it would yield no return.

You can use The DONU Block Explorer to look up transactions, get block information and other valuable Donu blockchain and network details.

Getting help

You can get help by visiting our support portal & knowledgebase or by joining us through any of our communication mediums:

History behind Donu and the team

Before it was "Donu", there was Neos. Neos was a project created back in 2014 with the intention of bringing a unique product with quality support and innovation into the industry. Once hearing about the issues people were having with Patreon and the over-policing of social media, we started looking into this sector to learn more and see what gaps could be filled. Discovering the incredibly large fees charged by most services and solutions alongside the lack of unbias to service members we decided to build Donu.

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