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@ksynb ksynb released this Jul 21, 2019

Donu version 0.18.0 is now available. This is a mandatory upgrade which should happen before block 47949.

Changes and corrections

GetMasternodePayment has been updated to return 0.4 DONU as the masternode reward. It previously was dividing the total block reward in half without consideration for the platform emissions of 0.2 DONU.

The math for expectedReward has been corrected. Earlier revisions during staging factored in the platform emissions outsideof the scope of GetBlockSubsidy and has since been changed.

Some branding corrections have been made addressing references to "bitcoin" and updated to to "donu" and "DONU".

Mining payouts have been corrected to include masternodes during the proof-of-work phase.

The default port shown in the masternode.conf example has been updated to reflect the correct mainnet port.

Image updates were made in src/qt/res/icons as well as src/qt/res/movies as well as copyright information

Installing your Donu wallet

We would recommend reading the following articles if you're unsure of how to use the release files or install the new Donu wallet:

Linux Installation
Windows Installation
MacOS Installation

Support & Communication

We have a support portal and knowledgebase available at the Donu knowledgebase & support portal and you can communicate with the team and the community at any of the locations below:

Matrix Chat

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