Test website for CVWO Assignment 1.
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Test website for CVWO Assignment 1.

Matric no: A0144892W
Name: Herbert Ilhan Tanujaya

Basic Usage

  • Register with the links on the navigation bar.
  • Login after you registered.
  • Add post with a simple click in the navbar as well. Markdown formatting supported.
  • You can also logout.
  • Everyone can view anyone's posts. You can also view a particular post, someone's posts, or posts in a particular month by clicking on links (such as post title, user, etc).
  • You can even edit your posts after you submitted them.
  • You can't delete posts. Sorry. I need a break...

What did I just do?

  • Crammed HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, git, Unix. That was tiring.
  • Not only that, I also learn things about CSRF, cryptographically-safe random numbers (wow what?), so many terms (node.js, jQuery, CMS, framework, and so on)...
  • But it's fun! I never thought building a site is this simple haha
  • Javascript... I'll pass. I'll learn it later...
  • Self-learning is fun, but it's just that... I don't know whether what I learned is right or not; as some people say, I might not know what I don't know. I feel that I learn in a disorganized way. Especially since in some of the NUSWhispers posts Prof. Ben Leong said that self-learning in CS is not easy, so... I don't even think I can describe how I feel now haha.
  • I just discovered The Odin Project and will try to (re)learn from there as well in the upcoming weeks. Especially since there's Ruby on Rails there as well, which will be useful for Assignment 3.

Ultimately I do think this is worth it, especially since I have a tangible product in my hands now. This might be quite tough for me though since I have zero experience on Computer Science before (CS1101S was my starting point).