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Graphite is great.

Collectd has piles of plugins.

Let's glue them together.

In collectd.conf, put this:

<Plugin write_http>
  <URL "http://monitor:3012/post-collectd">

Then run collectd-graphite-proxy.js in node, with the hostname of the graphite
system to target as a command-line parameter. It will take data from collectd
and ship it to graphite.

Versions of nodejs reported to work:
- 0.2.0
- 0.4.0

This is a work in progress. It also may not stay in node/javascript since I
am not really sold on the platform. I have only run this on node 0.2.0 and
haven't bothered upgrading due to the ever volatile, moving target that nodejs
is. If you find it does not work in newer versions, I'm happy to take patches
to resolve such a problem.

- Support the binary protocol collectd uses for the network plugin.
- Use node-ffi to call collectd plugins (as collectd would) and ship out
  graphite (or any other protocol!)
- Implement as collectd plugin? The collectd plugin docs basically "do not use
  this api" and also requires GPL2, so maybe this route isn't the right one.