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Expirment with go and react. It's a simple panel for AWS ECS
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Eazy Panel

Simple read-only AWS panel for some resources. The idea is to acces certain resources without the need of going from window to window.

Next resources are available:

  • ECS Tasks: Display ECS Tasks running filtered by cluster.


In order to embed static files in final binary you should have these:

  • go get
  • go get


Running both backend and ui development server:

Running backend:

# Having .aws configured or having environment variables
$ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=''
$ export AWS_SECRET_KEY=''
$ go install
$ eazy-panel

Running frontend:

$ cd ui
$ npm start

If only want to work on frontend browse to http://localhost:3000 and it has a reverse proxy configured that redirects API calls to http://localhost:8000.

If only want to work on backend browse to http://localhost:8000 and it will serve static files embeded in ui/ui_gen.go

Building for production

First generate the production-ready static files

$ cd ui
# Build static files
$ npm run build
# Embed static files for final binary
$ npm run embed

In order to create the full binary

$ go install
# Location
$ which eazy-panel
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