Don Melton's eponymous website.
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Don Melton's eponymous website.


Hi, I'm Don Melton. This is the source to my website at I use Magneto to generate all the content and I'm providing this source as example code to anyone that wants to know how I do that.


The visible content of Web pages, meaning all text and media, is copyright Don Melton except for items originating elsewhere. This copyright appears at the bottom of every visible page on the website and is included in its RSS feed. The source to the text is mostly in Markdown-format files but some of it is also within non-code portions of templates and other files. You may not reuse any of that text or media without my permission.

Other source code files, e.g. Ruby-based code, are available under a MIT license. You can use the HTML, CSS and JavaScript here as you please provided you don't copy the visual style of my website. If you do use any of the code, a link back to would be appreciated.