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Welcome to the Agoriad wiki!

Agoriad is a browser-based viewer for the output of the Apertium machine translation platform. The aim is to make it easier to simplify working on Apertium by making the command-line output more readable (no angle brackets!), segmenting it to show the output from each stage of the conversion, and adding some colour-coding.

Agoriad (“key” in Welsh) has been developed for the Welsh-English version of Apertium (apertium-cy), but it could be easily adapted to handle other Apertium pairs. Several variants (950px, 1200px, 1600px) allow for different widths of screens – wider screens allow more processing stages to be compared simultaneously.

Agoriad is written in PHP, but not PHP as Real Coders ® know it!

I’d like to thank Fran Tyers (for advice on Apertium), Olav Bjorkoy for blueprint-css and Kevin Miller for Accordion.

Agoriad is licensed under GPLv3.

The files aren’t really in a fit state to check out yet, but that will change over the next few days ….

I’ll add some documentation on Installation shortly too.

Happy translating!

donnek :-)

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