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Contributing Guidelines

Contributions are welcome!

Please ensure your pull request adheres to the following guidelines.

A Note on Repo AWSomeness

Each repo listed meets at least one of the following requirements:

  • Community-authored repo with 100+ stars
  • Community-vouched repo with < 100 stars
  • Official repo from aws or awslabs

100+ stars for community repos is not a strict requirement, it only serves as a guideline for the initial compilation. If you can vouch for the awesomeness of a repo with < 100 stars and you can explain why it should be listed, please submit a pull request.

Pull requests might be left open for a period of time to let the community chime in and vouch for it. An official repo from aws or awslabs can be removed if the community wishes. Check out the awesome manifesto.

Pull Requests

  • Search previous suggestions before making a new one, as yours may be a duplicate.
  • Add one link per pull request.
  • Add the link:
    • [name]( - A short description ends with a period.
    • Keep descriptions concise.
    • Maintain alphabetical ordering where applicable.
  • Add a section if needed.
    • Add the section description.
    • Add the section title to the Index.
  • You generally do not need to mention AWS or Amazon Web Services in the description as it's implied.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Remove any trailing whitespace.
  • Send a pull request with the reason why the addition is awesome.
  • Use the following format for your pull request title:
    • Add user/repo - Short repo description

Updates to Existing Links or Sections

  • Improvements to the existing sections are welcome.
  • If you think a listed link is not awesome, feel free to submit an issue or pull request to begin the discussion.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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