Recieve iPhone push notifications throught when away in Irssi.
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  • Irssi IRC client.
  • The following Perl packages. You have to restart Irssi when installed.
    • Debian/Ubuntu: libwww-perl + libcrypt-ssleay-perl
    • FreeBSD: p5-libwww
  • A Notifo account.
  • An iPhone with the Notifo app (free).


  • Download the script to your Irssi scripts folder.
  • /script load
  • Follow the instructions on how to set Notifo username and api secret.
  • You'll receive push notifications when set as /away in Irssi.


  • If you've got problems activate debug mode with /set notifo_debug on and check your status window.
  • Notifonotify goes great together with from