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This application was designed to remap the uiophjklnmy keys to different movement keys when the spacebar is pressed down, allowing you to keep your hands on the home row. It has grown to allow remapping all the keys, even the hyper key.

i - up
j - left
k - down
l - right
u - home
o - end
p - backspace
h - page up
n - page down
m - del
y - insert

Removing previous installation

  1. Disable the old service
    sudo systemctl stop touchcusor.service
    sudo systemctl disable touchcusor.service
  2. Remove the old service file
    sudo rm /etc/systemd/system/touchcursor.service
  3. Remove the old configuration file
    sudo rm -r /etc/touchcursor

How to install

  1. Clone or download this repo
  2. 'make' to build the application
  3. 'make install' to install the application
  4. Modify the config file (~/.config/touchcursor/touchcursor.conf) to your liking
  5. Restart the service systemctl --user restart touchcursor.service

Thanks to

Thomas Bocek, Dvorak: Check him out and thanks for the starting point. Good examples for capturing and modifying keyboard input in Linux, specifically Wayland.

Martin Stone, Touch Cursor: Wonderful project for cursor movement when coding.

Special note

This application works under Xorg and Wayland.


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