C# API Wrapper (.Net 4.5 async - MVC) for making Netflix requests (Signed and Protected) and Rotten Tomatoes requests for Movie/Actor information
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A C# .Net 4.5 (async) Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon API Wrapper for doing all major API actions

	- OAuth Logins/requests
	- Search (Catalog/Title, Catalog/Autocomplete, Catalog/People)
	- Title expansion
	- Person expansion
(Todo) - User actions (Add/Modify/View user details)

Rotten Tomatoes:
	- Search
	- Lists (Movies/DVDs)
	- Title Info (Movies Info)
	- Cast Info
	- Movie Clips
	- Movie Reviews
	- Similar Movies
	- Movies by Alias (search by IMDB id)

(Todo) - Search
(Todo) - Title details (Pricing and buy links) 


1) Setup:

using FlixSharp;

/// set up the Netflix keys 
                "Consumer Key",
                "Shared Secret",
                "Application Name");

/// pass a method that will return a FlixSharp.Holders.Account 
/// value based on the current logged in user (in MVC or wherever else this is used)
/// to allow for requests to be automatically made on user's behalf
/// this will be used whenever it is appropriate

2) Searching:

/// Search method will search both Title catalog and People catalog
SearchResults sr = await Netflix.Search.Search("The Godfather");
/// SearchTitle searches Title catalog
Titles t = await Netflix.Search.SearchTitles("The Godfather");
/// SearchPeople searches People catalog
People p = await Netflix.Search.SearchPeople("Al Pacino");
/// AutoCompleteTitle searches the autocomplete title catalog
var titlelist = await Netflix.Search.AutoCompleteTitle("The Godfather");

3) Title / People filling

Title thegodfather = await Netflix.Fill.GetCompleteTitle("http://api-public.netflix.com/catalog/titles/movies/60011152");
Title thegodfather = await Netflix.Fill.GetCompleteTitle("60011152", NetflixType.Movie);