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Lightning talk - Some cool tools

  • I recently changed jobs, in the process I discovered a few new tools


  • Easy to use crypto commands (cf. GPG)
  • Saltpack (NaCl + MessagePack)
  • Integrated with social media
  • Not optimaised for perfromance
  • Under heavy developement (go)


  • Uses FUSE
  • Public, Private and Team folders
  • Use case, tansfering and syncing files between machines
  • Use case, sharing secrets with others

Private git repos

  • Is a git remote helper
  • Use case is private git repos you want on more than one machine

Social crypto

  • Teams
  • Slack


  • Ack style grep utility
  • Fast for ack use cases (filtering then grepping in a large repo)
  • Fast for grep use cases (searching for pattern in large file or many files)
  • Written in rust
  • Faster than silversurfer (ag)

Vim Pathogen

Vim Airline Tabline extension


  • A terminal recorder that records and plays back terminal sessions.
  • Uses a pseudoterminal
  • Inspired by script
  • Running now


  • Preview GitHub Markdown files locally before committing them.
  • Uses GitHub markdown API to render locally
  • Makes the html page available via an http server
  • You can see how it will look in github/gitlab before pushing