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⚠️ This project is no longer maintained. Please use the Kubernetes deployer as there is no longer a reason to maintain an OpenShift specific deployer.

Spring Cloud Deployer for OpenShift Build Status codecov

A Spring Cloud Deployer SPI implementation which extends Spring Cloud Deployer Kubernetes and adds functionality afforded by OpenShift as the deployment environment.

Please refer to the reference documentation on how to get started.

Running the integration tests

The integration tests require a running OpenShift 3 instance. Specify the connection details to your running OpenShift instance as System properties/environment variables before running the tests. E.g.

$ ./mvnw -Dopenshift.url= \
  -Dkubernetes.master= \ \
  -Dkubernetes.auth.basic.username=admin \
  -Dkubernetes.auth.basic.password=admin \

If you have a running OpenShift instance but do not want to execute the integration tests but rather just the unit tests. Pass the -Dopenshift.enabled=false system property when running the tests:

$ ./mvnw test -Dopenshift.enabled=false

Further Reading

Please see the following posts for more information: