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Spring Cloud Skipper Maven plugin

This plugin adds the ability to create a Skipper package as part of the Maven build process.

It contains templates for the common package files and uses the Maven project values to populate much of the template properties (project.artifactId, project.version, etc.). It also provides the ability to override any of these template files in the project if you need to tweak or add properties.

See this blog post for more context:

Default Skipper package templates

The default templates are located at src/main/resources/skipper.

src/main/resources/skipper $ tree
├── package.yml
├── templates
│   └── template.yml
└── values.yml

Goals Overview

The Spring Cloud Skipper Maven Plugin has the following goals.



Creating a Skipper package

The configuration above will create the Skipper package on the package phase. In short it will copy the template package files into your build directory, overwrite any templates in the current project, allowing you to override templates when you need too and then filter the templates, replacing the respective values with their project POM values. Once that's done it zip's them all up into a Skipper package.

Deploying the Skipper package

This uploads the Skipper package built with the skipper-package goal to the repository specified (default: local). See the below attributes to customise which Skipper server to target etc.


  • Requires a Maven project to be executed.
  • Binds by default to the lifecycle phase: package.

Optional Parameters

Name Type Description Default
overrideDirectory String The directory where template files that will override the default tempaltes are located. ${}/classes/META-INF/skipper
skipper.workDir String The directory where the template files will be copied too during packaging ${}/skipper
skipper.server.uri String The URI of the Skipper server to target http://localhost:7577/api String The repository to upload the Skipper package too local


The Fabric8 Maven plugin was a great reference when creating this plugin. Specifically how to load and process resources.


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