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import os
import time
from fabric.api import *
from fabric.contrib.console import confirm
from fabric.contrib.project import rsync_project
def old():
local("npm outdated")
def remove_compiled(in_type, out_type, dirs = "."):
with settings(warn_only=True):
with lcd("."):
files = local(("find %s -name \*%s" % (dirs, in_type)), capture=True)
lines = files.split('\n')
for line in lines:
if line.find("node_modules") == -1:
path, ext = os.path.splitext(line)
path += out_type
if os.path.exists(path):
local("rm %s" % path)
def clean():
with settings(warn_only=True):
remove_compiled(".coffee", ".js")
remove_compiled(".styl", ".css")
remove_compiled(".jade", ".html")
def build():
with settings(warn_only=True):
local("coffee -c *.coffee")
local("coffee -c lib")
local("coffee -c public")
local("coffee -c routes")
local("stylus public/css")
local("jade public")
def dev():
local("node app.js")
def site():
local("cp public/js/*.js gh-pages/demos/js")
local("cp public/css/*.css gh-pages/demos/css")
local("cp -Rf public/fonts gh-pages/demos")
local("jade -P -O gh-pages/demos views/demo.jade")
local("jade -P -O gh-pages/demos views/mixins/playingcards.jade")
def dist():
local("jade -P -O dist views/mixins/playingcards.jade")
local("cp public/css/playingcards.css dist")
local("cp public/js/playingcards.js dist")
local("cp -Rf public/fonts dist")
# local("uglifyjs dist/playingcards.js > dist/playingcards.min.js")