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Bitcoin Distributed Bid/Ask network based on Telehash

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Exchanges are central to the growth of Bitcoin.

An exchange can be broken into two parts.

  • The collection and distribution of bid/ask offers

  • Escrow service

There are advantages to breaking up this functionality into seperate services because they have very different properties. This project focuses on the bid/ask offer database. See for an escrow service.

A traditional exchange with a central offers database allows for consistency at the cost of a single point of failure and a communication bottleneck. An alternative is a distributed database of offers. A participant with a history of valuable offers would be a very popular network participant and traffic would increase at their location. It eliminates the arms-race of getting closer (network-wise) to the centralized exchange at the expense of network delay.


Roccobid is a ruby/GTK desktop app to listen and publish bid/ask offers to a telehash channel.

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