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This repo is for the Codemash 2020 Conference Precompiler session on building Face Recognition using Flutter by Don Ward.
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Codemash 2020 Precompiler Session - Bringing ML to Mobile Apps - Let's build an app to perform Face Recognition using Flutter

What's this Session About?

Flutter is Google’s cross-platform development framework for quickly crafting high-quality native apps on Web, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS in record time.

Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source. Notable apps written in Flutter include Abbey Road Studios first mobile app, Topline, the Hamilton Broadway Musical app, and Alibaba's Xianyu mobile app.

Firebase is Google's set of back-end services for mobile developers to quickly build out mobile apps for both Android and iOS. It is a set of 17 services that currently support 1.5 million mobile apps. The services range from Push Notifications, and Remote Configuration, all the way to supporting best in class Machine Learning models for use in mobile apps.

To illustrate how powerful the combination of Flutter and Firebase is, we will be building a cross-platform mobile app to perform face-recognition in real-time from the device's camera.

In this workshop we will develop this app using one codebase written in Flutter hooking into Firebase's APIs. Face recognition will be performed using a pre-built machine learning model built by Google and provided within Firebase. This machine learning model will run on the mobile device providing real-time detection with no network latency. The mobile app we will build can easily be extended to support many other types of Machine Learning models including custom models.

This repo has all of the material covered during the Codemash 2020 Precompiler session on building a Face Recognition system using Flutter.

How to use this Repository

The best way to use this repository during the session is to clone it to your local machine. This will allow you to access and compare code snippets for the project on your local machine during the session.

Here is what is included in this Repository

  1. Prerequisites - Start here to set up and install all of the prerequisites to develop a Flutter app.
  2. The Slide Deck - Want to follow along at home? -> the entire slide deck used is here.
  3. The Codebase - Step by Step - this directory contains the codebase used during the precompiler saved step by step.
  4. The Final Codebase - This is the entire enchilada, the finished product for you to review and work with.
  5. Extras - Extra links and resources on Flutter and Dart.
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