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Prerequisites for the Codemash Precompiler session - Bringing ML to Mobile Apps - Let's build an app to perform Face Recognition using Flutter

Flutter is Google's cross-platform development framework for quickly crafting high-quality native apps on Web, iOS, Android and ChromeOS in record time. During this session we will be covering what Flutter is, and how to develop using it. The good news - no experience with Flutter is needed for this session.

Follow the steps below to prepare for this session at Codemash 2020.

  1. Install the Flutter SDK. The Flutter documentation is excellent and has detailed instructions for installation on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Follow the documentation here to install Flutter on your computer. At a minimum, install Android Studio with an Android emulator to allow you to use the Android emulator to debug and test your app.

  2. OPTIONAL - Install XCode and the iOS Simulator (for those with a Mac). Flutter is a cross-platform development framework and can be used to develop both Android and iOS apps from the same codebase. If you are using a Mac, you can develop your Flutter app for iOS devices and test/debug the app using the iOS simulator. Follow the instructions here to set up XCode and the iOS Simulator to work with Flutter.

  3. Install Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Flutter supports many development tools, including Android Studio, Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ IDEA. For this session, we will be using Microsoft Visual Studio Code as our IDE. Visual Studio Code supports Windsows, macOS and Linux. Install it from here.

  4. Sign up for a free Firebase Account. As part of the session, the app we will be building with require a free Google Firebase account to take advantage of the Firebase services used in the Firebase MLKit Vision Library. You can sign up for a Firebase account here.

  5. Take a quick look at the Firebase MLKit Vision Documentation. We will be learning how to use the Firebase MLKit Vision library during this session. To get an idea of how powerful the Firebase MLKit Vision library is, check out the documentation here.

Amazing! You are all set and ready for the precompiler session!

The Slide Deck for the session can be found here

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