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Traci Browning is an internationally collected photographer whose work primarily features national parks and landscapes.
The Georgia-based artist grew up on the East Coast immersed in nature with her camera in tow, previously living in a charmingly small coastal town in Florida and in New York City.
She spent a decade in the advertising world before freeing herself to pursue photography in 2007. She spent 6 months of the last two years
traveling to photograph the majestic and intimate natural places that speak to her soul.
She has said she is never more content than when she's out hiking somewhere before the sun comes up.
Currently a selection of images can be seen at artist co-op Homegrown Decatur and at The Seen Gallery. Additionally new black and white work can be seen at The Big House
Gallery during October's Castleberry Hill Art Walk.
Last year Traci participated in a joint show at Dolce in Atlantic Station for ecosystM and Type A, and at the Emerging Arts Scene during Atlanta Celebrates Photography.
She also participated in a solo show featuring her images of local Atlanta at Taste in Decatur.
Traci's full portfolio can be seen by appointment or at one of the events listed <a href="upcomingevents.aspx" style="font-size:11pt;font-weight:bold">here</a>.