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How it works?

Check out our Wiki:

Check out JavaDocs:

How do I get the license?

You can run examples and even develop your app without a license. If you do not specify the license in AndroidManifest then SDK will work in trial mode (currently, for 1 minute). If this is not enough for you, contact us at and we'll give you a free trial license for longer period.

What is the latest version of the SDK?

Current version is 1.19.0

Why example is not working / stopped working

Either your trial period is expired or you set the license incorrectly. Please, double check that.


Please kindly take note of the following points when downloading the SDK:

  • This is a trial version and will only work for 1 minute (if you require a trial license which works for a longer period of time please contact us).
  • We are constantly updating and evolving the SDK and it is no final product.
  • The SDK with a trial license should only be tested in a experimental setting and it is not developed to be integrated into your live products.


  • Fixed issue when EditPolygonImageView with MagnifierView was working only as part of an Activity.
  • Removed DrawMagnifierListener.
  • EditPolygonImageView was not working properly on Android Nougat.
  • It was not possible to create PDFs without embedded text in SDK-2
  • Fixed crash related to text recognition
  • It's now possible to perform OCR without sandwiched PDF as part of result
  • It's now possible to customize the Logger implementation used by the SDK.
  • Added ContourDetector.processImageAndRelease - more memory efficient version of ContourDetector.processImageF.
  • Fixed build issues of OCR example.
  • Removed uses-feature Camera is now optional.
  • Removed unused dependencies. Removed permission declarations from Package 1. Users are now responsible for declaring permissions. For more information see this page.
  • Fixed bug when final image contained less than preview image from camera stream.
  • Added ImageQualityOptimizer which allows you to optimize image size.
  • Fixed bug when AutosnappingController stop operating after onPause.
  • Color-document filter was disabled in ContourDetector. Now it works again.
  • Added ScanbotSDKInitializer#withLogging() method which allows you to turn on logging for SDK (disabled by default).
  • Improved edge detection.
  • Added new filter to ContourDetector.
  • Added ScanbotSDK.isLicenseActive() method.