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Scanbot SDK for iOS is a simple to use high level API, providing a collection of classes and functions for scanning and processing documents from your mobile device's camera or other image sources like your photo library.

Boost your iOS app with the powerful and convenient document scanning and processing features that also drive the #1 scanning app in the iOS app store: Scanbot Pro.

Scanbot SDK consists of a bunch of modules, each individually licensable or avalaible in license packages.

Currently the following modules are available

  • Document detection in digital images
  • User interface for guided, automatic document scanning using the document detection module
  • Image processing for rotating, cropping, filtering and perspective correction, optimized for the needs of document scanning
  • PDF creation, merge a collection of processed or unprocessed document images and write them into a PDF document with one page per image
  • Optical character recognition, recognize text in document images and create searchable PDF documents with selectable text
  • Payform recognition, detect and recognize SEPA payforms on images and extract the important data fields via OCR

Along with the demo app this repository comes with the full Scanbot SDK:

Documentation can be found here:

If you need further information or are interested in licensing Scanbot SDK please contact us by mail to When sending a mail please provide your apps bundle identifier to us so we can generate development or test licenses for you.

This is a trial version and will only work for 1 minute (if you require a trial license which works for a longer period of time please contact us). We are constantly updating and evolving the SDK and it is no final product. The SDK with a trial license should only be tested in a experimental setting and it is not developed to be integrated into your live products.

Changelog version 1.0.5:

Changed signatures of following methods

- (UIView *)viewForDetectionStatus:(SBSDKDocumentDetectionStatus)status forScannerController:(SBSDKScannerViewController *)controller;
- (UIButton *)shutterButtonForScannerController:(SBSDKScannerViewController *)controller;
- (UIColor *)polygonColorForDetectionStatus:(SBSDKDocumentDetectionStatus)status forScannerController:(SBSDKScannerViewController *)controller;

to start them all with scannerController:...

Changed signature of

- (void)scannerController:(SBSDKScannerViewController *)controller didCaptureImage:(CMSampleBufferRef)sampleBuffer;

Instead of CMSampleBufferRef it delivers an UIImage.

Added new method for custom drawing of detected document polygon

- (void)scannerController:(SBSDKScannerViewController *)controller drawPolygonPoints:(NSArray *)pointValues withDetectionStatus:(SBSDKDocumentDetectionStatus)detectionStatus onLayer:(CAShapeLayer *)layer;
  • Fixed a bug with empty images/samplebuffers
  • Removed property cameraControlsHidden and replaced it by two separate properties shutterButtonHidden and detectionStatusHidden
  • Licenses can now be valid for iOS, Android or both
Changelog version 1.0.6:
  • Fixed a bug that prevented displaying the detection statuses for poor light and noise
  • Added properties acceptedSizeScore and acceptedAngleScore, allowing you to alter the acceptance parameters for automatic shutter release (e.g. more perspective distortion or smaller document size)
Changelog version 1.0.7:
  • Fixed wrong orientation of original image when capturing a document image
Changelog version 1.0.8:
  • Added new method -(BOOL)captureStillImage to allow manual capturing using the delegate interface
Changelog version 1.0.9:
  • Added new delegate method (void)scannerControllerDidChangeDeviceOrientation:to:transform:
Changelog version 1.0.10:
  • Significantly improved peak memory usage when capturing images (~ 50%)
  • Added new delegate method - (BOOL)scannerController:shouldRotateInterfaceForDeviceOrientation:transform:(CGAffineTransform)transform
Changelog version 1.0.11:
  • Fixed an orientation issue on iPad
Changelog version 1.0.12:
  • Rebuilt with Xcode 7 final
  • Updated some documentation
Changelog version 1.0.13:
  • Improved accuracy of automatic document detection
  • Introduced new colored document image filter
Changelog version 1.0.14:
  • New color filter now working correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the binarization filter
Changelog version 1.0.15:
  • Added new delegate method -(NSString *)scannerController:(SBSDKScannerViewController *)controller localizedTextForDetectionStatus:(SBSDKDocumentDetectionStatus)status to help you localizing the detection status strings
Changelog version 1.1.1:
  • Beta: Added brand new credit card recognizer: SBSDKCreditCardRecognizer
  • Refactored Demo app: now contains Document Detection, Payform Detection and Credit Card detection
  • Fixed some bugs in SBSDKScannerViewController, e.g. automatic crop after manual snap
  • Added imageMode flag to SBSDKScannerViewController, can be set to grayscale mode to capture all images in grayscale mode for better memory footprint
  • Added API to SBSDImageProcessor to pass UIImage objects directly instead of NSURLs
Changelog version 1.1.2:
  • Improved credit card recognizer (SBSDKCreditCardRecognizer)
Changelog version 1.1.4:
  • Added cheque recognizer (SBSDKChequeRecognizer)
Changelog version 1.2.0:
  • Improved all detectors accuracy
  • Added SBSDImageMetadata and SBSDKImageMetadataProcessor to extract EXIF data etc. from image
  • Added SBSDKLensCameraProperties which can be passed to polygon based warping functions to improve the aspect ratio of the cropped image and let it be very close to the original documents aspect ratio
  • SBSDKLensCameraProperties can be extracted from SBSDKImageMetadata
  • Added 3 new filters: SBSDKImageFilterTypePhoto, SBSDKImageFilterTypePhotoBW1, SBSDKImageFilterTypePhotoBW2
  • The photo filter is useful to correct strong color tints, the 2 other new filters create different color-to-gray mappings
  • Added SBSDKMultipleDocumentsDetector (Beta) to detect multiple photos or documents on an image
  • Minor fixes and optimizations
Changelog version 1.2.1:
  • Fixed crash in sample app by adding NSCameraUsageDescription and NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription.