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Apprunner for automatic testing of Windows 8 Metro apps
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Metro-Driver Apprunner Readme

The Metro-Driver Apprunner will install, update, uninstall or even run a Windows Store Application package.

Afterwards, it will optionally invoke a callback executable or script with the full package name as its first and only argument.

You can use this utility to automatically test your application in a Continuous Integration environment like Jenkins.

You can either pass an AppxManifest.xml as its argument or an .appx file. In the later case, it will search for dependencies in the corresponding sub-folder structure as generated by the Visual Studio wizard.


apprunner.exe [Full\Path\To\AppXManifest.xml] [run|update|install|uninstall] [Full\Path\To\Callback.exe]


  • run: if an older version is installed, it will be updated and then run the app. if a package with the same version is already installed, it will be run without any further action
  • update: if an older version is installed it will be updated, otherwise it will be installed. error/no action if the same version is already installed
  • install: installs this version of the package. older versions will be uninstalled previously.
  • uninstall: removes all versions of the referenced app


You can close a JavaScript-based application by invoking window.close() See the packaged sample-callback.cmd on how you can use the fully-qualified package name to copy generated data from the application local storage into a non-volatile directory.


Support for directly installing .appx packages is planned but not yet scheduled. Pull requests for this or other features are welcome.

For bug reports and contributions, please visit the project page on Github

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