Example App for Scanbot SDK Cordova Plugin
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Example App for Scanbot SDK Cordova Plugin

This example app shows how to integrate the Scanbot SDK Cordova Plugin, which is available as npm package.

The app demonstrates only a few features of the plugin. For more details please see this documentation.

What is Scanbot SDK?

The Scanbot SDK brings scanning and document creation capabilities to your mobile apps. It contains modules which are individually licensable as license packages. For more details visit our website https://scanbot.io/sdk.html

How to run this app

Install Cordova, fetch this repository and navigate to the project directory.

cd scanbot-sdk-example-cordova

Install platforms and plugins (defined in the config.xml of this app):

cordova prepare

Check installed platforms and plugins:

cordova platform ls

cordova plugin ls

You should see android and ios as installed platforms and cordova-plugin-scanbot-sdk as installed plugins.

Connect a device via USB and run the app.


cordova run android


To run this example app on an iOS device you have to adjust some settings in Xcode:

  • Provisioning and Code Signing settings - see Cordova docs
  • Add ScanbotSDK.framework as Embedded Binary - see our plugin docs

Then you can start the App in Xcode or via cordova run ios.

Please note

This example app doesn't contain a Scanbot SDK license key and runs in a trial mode (trial period of 1 minute)!
After the trial period is over the Scanbot SDK functions will stop working. The UI parts (like Camera UI) will stop working or may be terminated. You have to restart the app to get another trial period.