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Scanbot Barcode & Document Scanning Example App for Xamarin

This example app shows how to integrate the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK, Scanbot Document Scanner SDK, and Scanbot Data Capture SDK for Xamarin.

The Scanbot SDK for Xamarin is available as a universal NuGet package for Android and iOS: ScanbotSDK.Xamarin

What is the Scanbot SDK?

The Scanbot SDK lets you integrate barcode & document scanning, as well as data extraction functionalities, into your mobile apps and website. It contains different modules that are licensable for an annual fixed price. For more details, visit our website

Trial License

The Scanbot SDK will run without a license for one minute per session!

After the trial period has expired, all SDK functions and UI components will stop working. You have to restart the app to get another one-minute trial period.

To test the Scanbot SDK without crashing, you can get a free “no-strings-attached” trial license. Please submit the Trial License Form on our website.

Free Developer Support

We provide free "no-strings-attached" developer support for the implementation & testing of the Scanbot SDK. If you encounter technical issues with integrating the Scanbot SDK or need advice on choosing the appropriate framework or features, please visit our Support Page.


👉 Scanbot SDK documentation


Microsoft Visual Studio with Xamarin Platform (For iOS Visual Studio for Mac 7.4+)