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FXForm 2

Stop coding forms: FXForm 2 can do it for you!


FXForm2 is a library providing automatic JavaFX form generation.

How does it work?

  1. Write your model bean
  2. Generate your form using FXForm2
  3. Style it using CSS, skins and resource bundles!

Quick start

Add FXForm to your project dependencies:

    <version>9.0.0</version> <!-- Note: For Java 8 use 8.2.9, for JavaFX 2.2 use 2.2.6 -->

Get your FXForm...

FXForm<MyBean> fxForm = new FXForm<MyBean>(myBean);

...and add it to your scene!

See Get started.

For more use cases, see samples.


Main features include:

  • Automatic form generation and binding to bean properties
  • CSS support
  • Bean Validation handling (JSR 303)
  • Fields reordering and filtering
  • Tooltips
  • Localization
  • Custom factories

Key benefits

  • Don't waste time coding forms, focus on styling
  • Less code and improved quality
  • Easy to use and to customize

Keep in touch



Articles about FXForm2 on dooApp technical blog.

A video by Betrand Goetzmann with Grezi and FXForm2: []

JavaFX Third Party Tools and Utilities

Considerations about GUI Generation with JavaFX and Using FXForm2 with EMF Models by Uwe.

Oliver Probst. Investigating a Constraint-Based Approach to Data Quality in Information Systems, FXForm2, pages 85-88.

Infiltrea, an application dedicated to the measure of the airtightness of buildings, is using FXForm2.


FXForm2 is licensed under the Lesser GPL license.

Build status

Build Status