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Automate development tasks using Swift.
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Develop on Highway

swift build --configuration release --static-swift-stdlib -Xswiftc -DXcode -Xswiftc -DMacOS
# will output where the executable is build, usually
# after running this sourcery is setup too and you can generate code when needed

Used Highway in your project

If you do not yet have a Package.swift run swift package init

add .package(url: "", from: "2.3.0")

do swift build

choose frameworks to add. For example HWSetup runs sourcery for highway, swiftformat and performs tests.

// Add a target in Package.swift
            name:   "HWSetup",
            dependencies: [

swift package generate-xcodeproj

You should not add the generated xcode project to git, just use it to Develop

🚀 Done

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