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Trello Stats

Trello Stats is an application for tracking tasks progress.

Getting started

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. yarn install to install all required dependencies.
  3. yarn start to run local development server.
  4. yarn lint to lint project.
  5. yarn build to build project.

To run tests use yarn test. For more commands check the package.json file.


This project is based on redux and redux-saga.


If you are going to connect your API during development, you should change value of REACT_APP_API_URL property in .env.local.

DEFAULT_API_URL: 'http://localhost:8080'


This project has combined API requests with Redux. You can use methods below to handle requests in your store.

apiAction(type, endpoint, method, [options])

An action creator generates action for an API request.

  • type (string) - The type of the action.
  • endpoint (string) - The endpoint URL.
  • method (string) - The type of the HTTP request method (GET, POST, etc.).
  • options (object) - Additional things which may extend the action.
  • options.payload (object) - The payload data sending to API.
  • options.afterSagaSuccess (function) - The generator function that will be call after success in saga.

You can use options.afterSagaSuccess to call other action. For example:

afterSagaSuccess: function* () {
  yield put(someActions.getSomeData());


Method creates saga for an API request.

  • type (string) - The type of the action.

apiReducer(type, [reduceSuccess])

Method creates reducer for an API request.

  • type (string) - The type of the action.
  • reduceSuccess (function) - The callback function to customize state after success.

You can use reduceSuccess to modify and return new state. For example:

list: apiReducer('FEED_LIST', (state, action) => {
  let data = {};

  const newData = => {
    // Modify original data from API

  return { ...state, data: newData };
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