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Template for c++11 projects. Clone, sed and go. Include automatic library construction and test code framework.
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Template for a small c++ project built with GNU autotools.


This tiny project template has two main uses:

  1. Starting point for a major, top level application.
  2. Branch for a c++ implementation within another project.

In the first case, git clone as usual, or fork into your own top level repo.

In the second case, clone this repo into a desired subdirectory, then remove the .git directory from the clone, then add the c++ directory to your main project. One use case for this is when implementing an algorithm in c++ (or c) for wrapping with script driver.


  • Add in c++ spec
    • port changes back from tfidf
    • clean up the compiler warnings on unused params.
    • create examples for every case, use disambiguator for examples.
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