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This is the 0.7 rewrite of Freenet. This is largely rewritten from scratch, 
although it pulls in a load of code from Dijjer.

Major changes:
- Freenet now uses UDP
- Freenet now uses 32kB fixed block sizes
- Many more...

Freenet is under the GPLv2 - see LICENSE.Freenet. However, we use some other 
- Mantissa is under the modified BSD license. See README.Mantissa. According 
  to the FSF, modified BSD is compatible with GPL; we must include both 

The installer creates a firefox profile. If you don't use it, you should have a 
look at user.js in the firefox_profile directory for some useful settings for 
browsing Freenet (both for performance and security). Occasionally, Firefox can
decide that the Freenet profile should be the default profile. In the past this
has happened if you close the Freenet browser window after the main firefox 
window, but recently (FF2, FF3), we have been unable to reproduce the bug, 
although we continue to get reports from time to time. Anyway, to fix it, open 
a command line, cd to where firefox is installed, and type:

firefox -ProfileManager

And choose which profile you want.

On OS/X and unix-based systems, Freenet will create a cron job to run Freenet 
on startup. On Windows it creates a user for Freenet to run under, and a service 
to start it. You should run Freenet as close to 24x7 as possible for good 
performance. It is however possible to remove the cron job (with the remove cron 
job script in bin/), or to remove the service (from the services panel in Control Panel).
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