A simple handler for textareas to show a counter and default text on empty.
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jQuery MessagBox Handler Demo

How To

   1. Include the messageBox.css style
   2. Include the messageBoxHandler.min.js file
   3. Activate the plug-in: $('#messageBox').messageBoxHandler();


maxUpdateChars (140):
    Maximum chars number user can fill in.
messageBody (null):
    The message body textarea selector. By default grabs the first textarea in the current element.
submitBtn (null):
    The submit button selector. By default grabs the first submit button in the current element.
leftCharsCounterClass (null):
    The left chars counter selector. By default grabs the first span in the current element.
counterErrorClass ('counter-error-length'):
    A class that will be added to the counter when the textarea gets too much text.
disabledClass ('disabled'):
    A class that will be appended to the submit button when the text is not valid.
emptyMessageText (''):
    A text that appears when the textarea is empty. It can grab the title attribute of the textarea if present for the sake of the translation.


Very simple example

<script type="text/javascript">
	$(document).ready(function () {