Magnitude of the Effect - An Effect Size and CI calculator
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This package is in active development - currently we are debugging/adding information to each function and working on the user's guide. You can check out videos / updates on my YouTube channel, as well as watching or starring the github repo.

You can look at our how-to guide by going to: A good bit of the details are over there, but still working on ironing out the wrinkles. These details will be transferred to the package and the readme here when we are done.

To install the package take the following steps:

  1. Install devtools if you do not have it. devtools is a package that allows you to install packages from github. install.packages("devtools")

  2. Install the MOTE package by running the following: devtools::install_github("doomlab/MOTE")

  3. Load the library to get started! library(MOTE)

  4. Enjoy MOTE.

You can also use the Shiny App!