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Doomsday is a server (and also a CLI) which can be configured to track certificates from different storage backends (Vault, Credhub, Pivotal Ops Manager, or actual websites) and provide a tidy view into when certificates will expire. Doomsday provides no automation for renewal - Doomsday simply provides the information required for maintainers to take action.

Server configuration

Create a configuration manifest and start the server against it with doomsday server -m <pathtomanifest>

The manifest should be written in YAML. An example schema with documentation can be found at docs/ddayconfig.yml

Pushing to CloudFoundry

You'll want to make a directory that has three files.

  • A binary of doomsday for the correct operating system
  • A doomsday server configuration manifest
  • A cf application manifest for deploying doomsday

The binary can be found at the releases page for this Github repo.

An example manifest can be found at docs/ddayconfig.yml. Omit the server.port property from the manifest. This will cause the server to look for the PORT environment variable for which port to have the API listen on (which is what CF wants).

The cf application manifest will probably look something like this, assuming that your binary is called doomsday, and your configuration manifest is called doomsdayconf.yml.

  - name: doomsday
    memory: 256M
    instances: 1
    command: ./doomsday server -m doomsdayconf.yml
    buildpack: binary_buildpack

Then, if your cf app manifest is called manifest.yml, run

cf push -f manifest.yml