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doomsday-boshrelease - A certificate expiry early warning system

Doomsday is a server (and also a CLI) which can be configured to track certificates from different storage backends (Vault, Credhub, Pivotal Ops Manager, or actual websites) and provide a tidy view into when certificates will expire. Doomsday provides no automation for renewal - Doomsday simply provides the information required for maintainers to take action.

How Do I Deploy It?

A sample manifest is available at manifests/doomsday.yml. It contains example configuration for secret backends, the doomsday server, and notifications. For a more thorough configuration example, see the docs here on the doomsday repo.

After setting up your configuration in the manifest, use BOSH to deploy doomsday.

bosh -e <env> -d doomsday deploy manifests/doomsday.yml

Once doomsday is running, you can view the WebUI at the IP address assigned to the box after deployment, or assign a static IP in the manifest.

$ bosh -d doomsday vms
Using environment <env> as user 'admin'

Deployment 'doomsday'

Instance                                       Process State  AZ  IPs            VM CID                                   VM Type  Active
doomsday/29fd5a45-12c0-42a9-9701-246324b7e886  running        z1  vm-2137fdce-9074-47bd-8a2d-d1ba84c0e4ca  default  true

1 vms


In addition to the WebUI, the doomsday cli can also be configured as follows to give you a TUI dashboard.

$ doomsday target lab
Creating target... Successfully created target

| NAME        | lab                        |
| ADDRESS     |  |
| SKIP VERIFY | false                      |

$ doomsday login
Username: admin

Successfully authenticated to `lab'

In the ideal case, after doomsday has checked the configured backends and there are no certs expiring soon, you should see the following.

$ doomsday dashboard
Could not find any certs which expire soon

If you happen to have expired or expiring certs however, you'll get a dashboard warning you which certs are too far gone, and which you can still save ahead of time.


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